Watch Texas A&M Aggies Football Games Online

If you’re looking to see exceptional college traditions, watch Texas A&M University football games online. Yes, every college does try to separate itself from others by developing its own traditions. And, A&M has distinguished itself doing so. However, not every university seems to come up with its own linguistics, but Texas A&M has come up with some unique terms that are applied to its very existence. This includes the shortened term for the school’s name, “A&M.”

This acronym is applied to the actual name for the university where originally it was a shortened version for the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas. The school has retained the “A&M” acronym incorporating it into the name Texas A&M University. Although other schools have tried to use the appellation “Aggie,” it is Texas A&M that has made the word synonymous with itself. In fact, anyone involved with the university whether student, faculty, family or supporter goes by the term Aggie. Often, opponents deride the use of Aggie by turning it into “farmer.”
Texas A&M Aggies Football
The Aggies are new to the SEC having spent 81 seasons in the Southwest Conference and 16 years in the Big 12. Their only national championship win came in 1939. During that time the Aggies played in 33 postseason bowl games coming up against a lot of their future SEC combatants. Against the SEC, the Aggies hold a 4-7 record. As far as records go, Texas A&M has finished with final season rankings in both the Coaches Poll in the AP Poll 24 times. Some other outstanding facts about the Aggies include:

  • Went undefeated with an 8-0 record in 1917
  • went undefeated with a 10-0 record in 1919
  • Played in the very first live broadcast of a college football game in 1921 against the University of Texas where the play-by-play was sent out by telegraph to a local radio station