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Watch the University of Kentucky football games online where you will catch a very strong and long tradition dating back to the first Wildcat game that took place on Nov. 12, 1881. In this very first game, when the university was known as A&M College or Kentucky State College, they played a game more reminiscent of rugby defeating Kentucky University by a score of 7 1/4 to 1. Sometime near the turn of the century, this type of Kentucky-style college football disappeared.

The Wildcats name was first evoked during a chapel service after a game against Illinois on Oct. 9, 1909. The game was on the road at Illinois where the school’s military department head stated Kentucky “fought like Wildcats.” Soon sports writers began using the name and it was lovingly embraced by team fans that convinced the University to officially adopt the name.

Kentucky Wildcats Football

The most famous coach in Kentucky history was notably Paul “Bear” Bryant. He guided the team from 1946 to 1953. Bryant is referred by many as the greatest SEC coach of all time. Some claim he is the best college coach ever to grace a gridiron.

The Wildcats have etched its way into several categories in the records book. It was the first SEC school to introduce football. It also has the distinction as being the first college to hold a football game at night. This game “under the lights” was played on Oct. 5, 1929. Another little known historical fact is that Kentucky appeared in the first – and the only – Great Lakes bowl with a place in 1947.

The first player from the SEC to win the Outland trophy was Wildcat tackle Bob Gain in 1950. Kentucky was also broke the color barrier signing the first African-American player, Nat Northington, in 1967.